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  • Rok za dostavu sažetaka:
    16. siječnja 2023.
    30. siječnja 2023.
  • Rok za dostavu radova:
    6. veljače 2023.
  • Rok za konačnu recenziju:
    13. ožujka 2023. 


MIPRO 2022 Best Paper Awards, Friend of MIPRO and Prominent Person Charters

MIPRO conventions follow many traditions. One of them is the awarding best papers and giving recognition to individuals for their support to the MIPRO society.

MIPRO respected that tradition this year as well. At the opening ceremony, on Wednesday, May 25, 2022, in the Congress Hall of the Grand Hotel Adriatic and in a live stream via the YouTube platform, there were announced three best papers and awarded three Friend of MIPRO awards,  awards to prominent persons and institution for a significant contribution to the association and a special Golden award.


At the MEET / Microelectronics, Electronics and Electronic Technology conference, paper "Spin-Transfer Torquesin Ultra-Scaled MRAM Cells(Mario Bendra, Simone Fiorentini, Johannes Ender, Roberto L. de Orio, Tomáš Hadámek, Wilton Jaciel Loch, Nild Petter Jørstad, Siegfried Selberherr, Wolfgang Goes, Viktor Sverdlov).


The second award for the best paper was awarded to paper "Benchmarking Deep Learning Methods for Arrhythmia Detection" (Elena Merdjanovska, Aleksandra Rashkovska Koceva) at the DS-BE / Data Science and Biomedical Engineering.

The Chairs of the CTI / Telecommunications & Information chose paper "Benchmarking Buffer Size in IoT Devices Deploying REST HTTP(Cao Vien Phung, Mounir Bensalem, Admela Jukan) as the best one.

The forth best paper was a Croatian paper "Kreativno recikliranje elektroničkog otpada" - Creative recycling of electronic waste (Marina Mirković) from the CE / Computers in Education conference.

The last and the fifth awarded paper was "Analyzing Linter Usage and Warnings through Mining Software Repositories: A Longitudinal Case Study of Java Script Packages" (Tjaša Heričko, Boštjan Šumak) - SSE / Software and Systems Engineering.

MIPRO is made by people and every year we try to reward prominent individuals for their contribution and long-term work in the society.

The Friend of MIPRO award is traditionally given to individuals who have been participants in the convention for many years and who have contributed to the further development and promotion of the MIPRO with their actions and words. This year, the Program Committee of the MIPRO Convention presented this outstanding award to Marina Mirković, Tihomir Orehovački and Matjaž Depolli.

The Program committee also awarded a recognition to 3 prominent persons and an institution. The MIPRO Charter was awarded to Miroslav Poljak, Slobodan Ribarić and Dubravko Sabolić, and Infodom (institution) for long-term cooperation and the development of ICT technology.

A special Golden Charter was awarded to Branimir Makanec for his contribution to the introduction of computers in education in Croatia.

We once again congratulate all the winners on the awards and recognitions and thank them for their contribution to the MIPRO event.


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