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MIPRO Tesla Egg Awards 2024 have been chosen

Based on the received nominations, the MIPRO Tesla Egg Award Committee made a decision to accept five proposals.

„MIPRO Tesla Egg Award 2024"


The Award Committee for the year 2024 consisting of Krešo Antonović, Alojzije Jukić, Vedran Mornar, Nedjeljko Perić, Karolj Skala, Velimir Srića, Ivan Vidaković, Slavko Vidović and Dalibor Vrsalović decided to award the award in five categories:

ACADEMY category  
University Computing Center of the University of Zagreb  - SRCE

PROJECTS category 
Algebra - „Portal for Advanced Monitoring of the Labor Market" with project manager associate professor, Ph.D. Leo Mršić

ECONOMICS category 
KONČAR - Digital

INDIVIDUALS category  
Ivan Burazin 

Nobel Laureate Ferenc Krausz for an exceptional world result

The awards will be given out at the opening ceremony of the 47th ICT and Electronics Convention MIPRO 2024 on Wednesday, May 22, 2024, in the Congress Hall of the Grand Hotel Adriatic in Opatija, Croatia.

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Monday, March 25, 2024
Dew Computing

A book on Dew Computing has been published

Springer has published a new book on Dew Computing as the entry level of the Dew-Fog-Cloud service hierarchy. 

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"MIPRO Gridvision" by Zorislav Šojat

Zorislav Šojat maintains Computer Science oriented pages, where many MIPRO Conference videos, interviews with scientists and other interesting material can be found:

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