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innovative promotional partnershipArtificial Intelligence towards EU Multilingualism

Technical co-sponsorship


  • Promoting innovations, innovators and environments where they originate
  • Rewarding the best

Intention is to build, together with the entrepreneurial and economic institutions of the Republic of Croatia and the academic community:

  • stimulating climate for organized innovation,
  • more efficient cooperation between economy and academic community, as well as public institutes,
  • educational system that will encourage innovations and improve entrepreneurship,
  • stronger bond between applied scientific researches and the needs of Croatian economy.
  • Joint participation of innovator associations
  • Promotion of state innovation infrastructure
  • Participation of business subjects
  • Participation of individual exhibitors/innovators
  • Participation of innovative enterpreneurs and entrepreneur companies
  • Participation of craftsmen and crafts cooperatives
  • Academic and science community
  • Participation of foreign exhibitors
  • Counseling for innovators
  • Presentation of official awards and acknowledgements at Arca


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