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MIPRO 2014 - 37th International Convention

MIPRO-INOVA - Innovative High-Tech Products and Services

Tuesday, 5/27/2014 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM, Camelia 1, Grand hotel Adriatic, Opatija

Event program
Tuesday, 5/27/2014 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM,
Camelia 1, Grand hotel Adriatic, Opatija
  1. W. Brenner, N. Adamović (Vienna University of Technology, Austria)
    Benefits of Standardisation in the Research and Innovation Process of the FP7 NMP Project SolarDesign

  2. M. Berković, A. Kosovac (Faculty of Traffic Engineering and Communications, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina), E. Karišik (4th Dimension, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina)
    The Model of Choice Location Postal-Logistics Cells by Applying Metaheuristics Bee Colony Optimization
  3. J. Jurjević, V. Benussi (Regionalni info centar za mlade, Rijeka, Croatia)
    ORIGIGI – mobilna aplikacija, novi marketinški i komunikacijski kanal

  4. R. Ramčić (Primary School Kraljevica, Croatia)
    Teslini transformatori
  5. D. Endachev (Federal State Unitary Enterprise «Central Scientific Research Automobile and Engine Institute, Moscow, Russia)
    Development of Electronic Systems for Controlling Unmanned Motor Vehicles

  6. E. Morozov (OJSC “Information Satellite Systems” named after academician M.F. Reshetnev, Krasnoyarsk Region, Russia)
    Development of Programming and Technical System for Design, Manufacturing and Testing of a Number of Unified Electronic Modules Based on Technology “Systemon-a-Chip”, for Power Supply and Control Systems of Communication, Navigation and Geodesy Satellites with Long Active Lifetime

Under the auspices of: 
Croatian Independent Software Exporters - CISEx

Union of Croatian Innovators

Basic information:

Goran Radić (Croatia)

International Program Committee Chairman:

Petar Biljanović (Croatia)

Registration / Fees:
Price in EUR
Before May 12, 2014
After May 12, 2014
Members of MIPRO, IEEE and CISEx 45
Others 50 60


Goran Radić
I. Sudnika 7
HR-10430 Samobor, Croatia

GSM:   +385 99 7933 360,     

Opatija - 170 years of tourism:

Opatija – the cradle of European and Croatian tourism, a favourite destination of the aristocracy, film and music stars, artists, writers and visitors from all over the world, who come here every year to enjoy the charm of this Adriatic town – this year celebrates its 170th anniversary as a tourist resort.

This is a tradition that provides certain obligations, but is also a guarantee of quality. The reputation of a top destination that stretches back seventeen decades is today reflected in the wide range of facilities and services on offer that all together make Opatija an attractive destination for all seasons.

Opatija owes its unique image to its ideal location on the spot where the wooded slopes of Mount Učka descend all the way down to the coast, providing perfect shade along the thirteen-kilometre-long Lungomare seafront promenade. Just as the Opatija area is a meeting point of the sea and the mountain, its visual impression is a blend of different styles, as this is a melting pot where magnificent Central European elegance, playful Mediterranean charm and the historically-rich medieval architecture of the small towns in the hinterland come together. 

In addition to the architecture that leaves a strong impression on every visitor, especially when the town is viewed from the sea, and its lush parks and gardens that have been Opatija's trademarks since its beginnings as a tourist resort, Opatija also has hotels and restaurants whose quality ranks alongside that of any other European destination. Opatija's gastronomic offer is based on a Mediterranean cuisine rich in fresh fish and seafood and locally grown seasonal ingredients, while the traditional recipes of this region reveal a wealth of flavours and can be sampled in the area's numerous taverns. 

Opatija entered the European stage in the mid-19th century as a health resort for the European nobility, and health tourism has remained one of the main segments of the town's tourism offer right up to the present day. However, top medical experts and a wide range of spa & wellness services are just one of the reasons for visiting this town located at the top of Kvarner Bay. Also known as "the town of festivals", Opatija boasts a number of events throughout the year. The theatrical performances and concerts that take place at the magnificent Open Air Theatre are particularly impressive.

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