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Presenter: Martina Filipović Tretinjak

Title: Distance Learning during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Duration: 10 min.


Abstract: New technologies fundamentally changed the way students interact with knowledge and traditional approach to learning and teaching is no longer sufficient for achieving learning outcomes. Implementing modern teaching techniques that are student-centered with the use of ICT in the classroom leads to the interactive learning environment that helps students achieve skills that enable them to position themselves better in the labor market. The focus of this presentation is on the comparison of the ICT tools and teaching methods that were used in the educational process before and during the COVID-19 pandemic. During the pandemic, the technology had a significant impact on the educational system. The presentation will also cover the advantages and challenges of online teaching and learning during the pandemic from a teachers point of view.  


Biography: Martina Filipovic Tretinjak is a high school teacher at the Electrical Engineering Vocational School in Zagreb, Croatia. She ended Polytechnic graduate professional study program at the Polytechnic of Zagreb in 2011, specialization in Electrical Engineering, course group: Telecommunication and Computing Technology with degree in Electrical engineering.


Martina Filipović Tretinjak
School of Electrical Engineering in Zagreb, Croatia
gsm: +385 989913383

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