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Presenter: Tena Velki

Title: Information Security Risks in e-Learning: Human Error Perspective

Duration: 20 min.


Abstract: Today, in the digital age, information security and data privacy emerge as important issues in different areas of human life (e.g. security with online bank accounts, medical documentations, students’ e-transcript and other online private data). As previous research in field of information security and data privacy have shown the user still remains the weakest link in online security. Recent studies showed that in 30-70% of case people revealed PIN for bank card or gave their e-mail address with password only if researcher asked for it. With digitalization of learning process during COVID-19 pandemic, some security risks emerged. Using e-learning platform requires for users (both teachers and students) to register and leave some private data, which makes them easy target for social engineering, especially for less IT literate users. For example, installing additional apps or divulging a small piece of personal data may ultimately result in financial or other, less significant loss, like in case of e-learning stealing seminar work or exam results. Some students and faculty stuff do not have obligatory or default e-learning platforms or not even recommended ones. During pandemic, they used free and unsecure applications and platforms, more or less everything what was available without thinking about potential security risks.


Biography: Tena Velki, PhD, works as an Associate Professor in the field of developmental psychology and as a Vice Dean for science at the Faculty of Education in Osijek. Her research interests are focused primarily on the area of developmental psychology, developmental disorders, inclusion and rights of children with disabilities. In addition, the area of information security, awareness, data privacy and the risk behavior of computer users have been actively in focus in the last 7 years. She published two university textbooks in this field: “Handbook for Information Security and Privacy” (2018) and “The challenges of the digital world” (2019).


Tena Velki, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Vice Dean for Science
Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek
Faculty of Education, Croatia
gsm: +385 98835575


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