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MIPRO 2024 keynote lecture - Oliver Oberst



Quantum Computing: Making a quantum leap into the future

Oliver Oberst
IBM Deutschland, Germany


Data Science with AI created a software paradigm and inevitably follows it with an advanced hardware quantum computing paradigm for further development! This evolution marks a significant shift in contemporary scientific research within the domain of Data Science, encompassing Big Data, AI, High-Performance Computing (HPC), and Quantum Computing (QC), which represent by Information and Communication Science and Technology (ICST). These fields increasingly depend on sophisticated distributed computing systems that offer substantial computational power. In light of current technological advancements, the demand for HPC and QC in scientific research stems from their unparalleled ability to handle vast datasets, execute complex simulations, address previously unsolvable challenges, and foster interdisciplinary studies. This, in turn, propels advancements across various scientific domains, highlighting the critical role of these computing paradigms in driving forward scientific innovation and discovery.

Dr. Oliver Oberst leads IBM’s Quantum business in a number of countries across Europe. In this role he works with governments, universities and enterprises showcasing the poten al of Quantum computing, helping to build na onal strategies to create Quantum economies, build skilled workforces and encourage u lity-scale research into useful Quantum computing use cases. Oliver graduated from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany with a PhD in Particle Physics.

Join us on Wednesday, May 22 at the formal opening of MIPRO 2024 in Opatija!

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Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Dew Computing

A book on Dew Computing has been published

Springer has published a new book on Dew Computing as the entry level of the Dew-Fog-Cloud service hierarchy. 

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"MIPRO Gridvision" by Zorislav Šojat

Zorislav Šojat maintains Computer Science oriented pages, where many MIPRO Conference videos, interviews with scientists and other interesting material can be found:

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