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MIPRO 2020 - 43rd International Convention
2020, Opatija

Croatia, Opatija, Grand Hotel Adriatic and Remisens Hotel Admiral
28 September - 2 October 2020

Technical co-sponsorship:
Under the Auspices of:

Media sponsors:


Important dates:

Abstract submission: Monday, 18 May 2020 
Full-paper submission: Monday, 18 May 2020
Acceptance notification: Monday, 22 June 2020

Final paper review deadline is postponed to 4 May 2020 for authors who have already submitted their papers in regular term.

Price in EUR
Up to 14 September 2020
From 15 September 2020
MEET or DS-BE or CTI or CE or CTS or CIS or RTA or ISS or miproBIS or DE/DS or ICTLAW or EE or SSE or SP
SSRCI 230 260
OPHO 220 250
Students (udergraduate and graduate), primary and secondary school teachers 120 140

Members of MIPRO, EAI or IEEE have a 20 EUR discount.
The fee for postgraduate students is 220 EUR.

The fee is payable in EUR to the following IBAN of MIPRO Croatian Society (MIPRO, Kružna 8/II, P.O. Box 303, HR-51001 Rijeka, Croatia):
HR98 2402 0061 1001 39672 
at Erste and Steiermärkische Bank d.d. Rijeka, Croatia (SWIFT: ESBCHR22), with the name of the person registered.

The fee includes:
- conference Proceedings on a digital medium
- Official opening program (plenary session) with the cocktail party on Wednesday, 30 September 2020 at 7:30 p.m. (Grand hotel Adriatic)

International Program Committee:

K.Skala, General Chair (Croatia), L.Abazi-Bexheti (North Macedonia), E.Afgan (United States), M.Airaksinen (Finland), S.Aksentijević (Croatia), S.Aleksić (Germany), S.Amon (Slovenia), K.Antonović (Croatia), M.E.Auer (Austria), V.Avbelj (Slovenia), D.Babić (Croatia), S.Babić (Croatia), T.Bajd (Slovenia), A.Bakić (Croatia), M.Banek (Croatia), M.Baranović (Croatia), B.Bebel (Poland), N.Begičević Ređep (Croatia), L.Bellatreche (France), A.Boukalov (Belgium), R.Branco (Portugal), Lj.Brkić (Croatia), M.Bubak (Poland), A.Budin (Croatia), Ž.Butković (Croatia), P.Campisi (Italy), Ž.Car (Croatia), J.Carretero Pérez (Spain), B.Cukic (United States), A.Cuzzocrea (Italy), D.Čakara (Croatia), S.Čelar (Croatia), M.Čičin-Šain (Croatia), D.Čišić (Croatia), D.Davidović (Croatia), V.Delić (Serbia), R.Delina (Slovakia), M.Depolli (Slovenia), S.Dešić (Croatia), D.Dragičević (Croatia), T.Eavis (Canada), M.Ferrari (Italy), T.Ferrari (Netherlands), N.F.Fijan (Croatia), R.Filjar (Croatia), T.Galinac Grbac (Croatia), E.Gallinucci (Italy), D.Gamberger (Croatia), P.Garza (Italy), T.Gavazzi (Croatia), G.Gledec (Croatia), M.Golfarelli (Italy), S.Golubić (Croatia), V.Gradišnik (Croatia), S.Grazio (Croatia), A.Grgurić (Croatia), S.Groš (Croatia), N.Gumzej (Croatia), M.Gusev (North Macedonia), J.Henno (Estonia), B.Hlača (Croatia), Ž.Hocenski (Croatia), T.Holjevac (Croatia), V.Hudek (Croatia), D.Huljenić (Croatia), R.Inkret (Croatia), I.Ipšić (Croatia), M.Ivašić-Kos (Croatia), M.Ivanda (Croatia), H.Jaakkola (Finland), T.Jagušt (Croatia), D.Jardas (Croatia), V.Jazbinšek (Slovenia), L.Jelenković (Croatia), B.Jerbić (Croatia), D.Jevtić (Croatia), A.Jugović (Croatia), A.Jukan (Germany), O.Jukić (Croatia), I.Jurdana (Croatia), O.Jureković (Croatia), M.Jurić (Croatia), Đ.Juričić (Slovenia), N.Kadoić (Croatia), J.M.Kališnik (Slovenia), I.Kaštelan (Serbia), Z.Katalenić (Slovenia), A.Katalinić Mucalo (Croatia), T.Katulić (Croatia), P.Kess (Finland), T.Kišasondi (Croatia), Z.Klemenc-Ketiš (Slovenia), M.Konecki (Croatia), M.Koričić (Croatia), G.Kosec (Slovenia), I.Kotenko (Russia), B.Kovačić (Croatia),M.Kozlovszky (Hungary), D.Kragić Jensfelt (Sweden), G.Krajačić (Croatia), D.Kranzlmüller (Germany), M.Krašna (Slovenia), S.Krile (Croatia), L.Krøl Andersen (Denmark), B.Kušen (Croatia), M.Lacković (Croatia), E.Leitgeb (Austria), J.Lenarčič (Slovenia), T.Lipić (Croatia), H.Lisičar (Croatia), D.Lučić (Croatia), D.Lukač (Germany), I.Ljubi (Croatia), Z.Ma (China), G.Marković (Croatia), L.Martinich (United States), L.Matyska (Czech Republic), M.Mauher (Croatia), I.Mekterović (Croatia), Ž.Mihajlović (Croatia), B.Mikac (Croatia), A.Milardović (Croatia), H.Mlinarić (Croatia), T.Moen (Norway), L.Morell (Puerto Rico), G.Mudronja (Croatia), N.Nain (India), J.F.Novak (Croatia), D.Ogrizović (Croatia), P.Pale (Croatia), D.Paľová (Slovakia), N.Pavešić (Slovenia),  M.Pavlić (Croatia), B.Pejčinović (United States), A.Perić Hadžić (Croatia), D.Petcu (Romania), J.Petrović (Croatia), D.T.Pham (UK), D.Pintar (Croatia), V.Piuri (Italy), T.Poplas Susič (Slovenia), A.Pucihar (Slovenia), A.Rashkovska Koceva (Slovenia), R.Repnik (Slovenia), L.Révészová (Slovakia), S.Ribarić (Croatia), V.Rosato (Italy), D.Sabolić (Croatia), I.Sacala (Romania), D.Salamon (Croatia), J.Schulze (Germany), B.Siciliano (Italy), S.Skansi (Croatia), Z.Skočir (Croatia), I.Sluganović (Croatia), M.Sokele (Croatia), A.Sović Kržić (Croatia), M.Spremić (Croatia), V.Sruk (Croatia), U.J.Stanič (Slovenia), V.Strahonja (Croatia), T.Suligoj (Croatia), A.Szabo (Croatia), D.Šimunić (Croatia), F.Škopljanac-Mačina (Croatia), D.Škvorc (Croatia), Z.Šojat (Croatia), A.Špernjak (Slovenia), V.Štruc (Slovenia), V.Švedek (Croatia), D.Švelec (Croatia), V.Švigelj (Slovenia), Z.-H.Tan (Denmark), N.Tanković (Croatia), A.Teixeira (Portugal), E.Tijan (Croatia), P.Timmers (UK), A M.Tjoa (Austria), I.Tomašić (Sweden), R.Trobec (Slovenia), T.Vámos (Hungary), M.Varga (Croatia), L.Vejmelka (Croatia), M.Veselko (Slovenia), L.Vicković (Croatia), M.Vidas-Bubanja (Serbia), D.Vinko (Croatia), G.Vojković (Croatia), M.Vranić (Croatia), M.Vrankić (Croatia), B.Vrdoljak (Croatia), S.Vukmirović (Croatia), Y.Wang (Canada), M.Weber (Croatia), R.Wyrzykowski (Poland), K.Zimmer (Croatia)



Opatija, with its 170-year-old tourism tradition, is the leading seaside resort of the Eastern Adriatic and one of the most famous tourist destinations on the Mediterranean. With its aristocratic architecture and style, Opatija has been attracting artists, kings, politicians, scientists, sportsmen, as well as business people, bankers and managers for more than 170 years.

The tourist offer in Opatija includes a vast number of hotels, excellent restaurants, entertainment venues, art festivals, superb modern and classical music concerts, beaches and swimming pools – this city satisfies all wishes and demands.

Opatija, the Queen of the Adriatic, is also one of the most prominent congress cities in the Mediterranean, particularly important for its ICT conventions, one of which is MIPRO, which has been held in Opatija since 1979, and has attracted more than a thousand participants from over forty countries. These conventions promote Opatija as one of the most desirable technological, business, educational and scientific centers in South-eastern Europe and the European Union in general.

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