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MIPRO - path to knowledge and innovation

MIPRO 2018 - 41st International Convention

I - MIPRO Exhibition

About exhibition MIPRO 2018:
Along with the convention MIPRO, we organize the Exhibition of Technology, Equipment & Services where exhibitors are given the chance to present their products and services and illustrate their implementation in economy, education, science and society in general.
MIPRO conventions are regularly visited by more than one thousand participants from forty countries – we expect them this year again. An exhibition MIPRO 2018 gives you an opportunity to present your company, technological solutions, equipment and services at the biggest non-commercial ICT convention in South-eastern Europe. Participating at this kind of exhibition in a period of crisis can be a very significant promoter of new technologies, products and services.
Possibilities of participating at exhibition MIPRO 2018:
  • Exhibition of equipment, services, technical and technological solutions
  • Professional‐commercial 10-minute presentation at the section MIPRO‐INOVA (inova)
  • Professional‐commercial presentation within the conference and/or tutorial (sa-sem)
  • Video presentation on MIPRO convention promotion screens (promo)
  • Exhibition of books, journals and similar publications with possible promotion of some editions
  • Organization of electronic or computer workshop (in accordance with the organizer)
More information about possibilities of participating at exhibition can be found in the Application form for the exhibition space and presentation.

Applying for exhibition MIPRO 2018:

We kindly invite you to apply for the Exhibition by 16 March 2018.

Please send us a completed application form as soon as possible, because the exhibition area on disposal will be allocated to the exhibitors according a sequence in which the applications are received.  
Applications will be accepted after 16 March only if there is an exhibition space left. 

More information:

For further information contact office MIPRO at or call 00 385 51 423 984. 

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