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"Computer Games in Education" - workshop at MIPRO 2020

If you would like to know more about computer games in education, we invite you to visit the workshop "Computer Games in Education" at this year's MIPRO.

Computer games industry has become one of the most prominent entertainment industries, more valuable than movie and music industry. Although the main focus of computer games industry is on entertainment, there are many other areas where computer games can be used. One of these areas is education. Gamification and computer games as a part of the learning process can positively affect the speed of learning and the motivation of students. The aim of this workshop is to discuss importance and give an overview of possibilities of using computer games in the context of education.

During the workshop two IT products for aiding students in their educational process will be presented: adaptive drum kit learning system and intelligent assistant for aiding students in the process of learning programming, and in other courses of interest. The current state of computer games industry in Croatia will be discussed and current and upcoming projects related to education in the field of computer games development will be discussed. Several developed computer games will also be presented, in the context of the educational process.

Some of the questions that will be answered during the workshop are:

  1. How much is the computer games industry worth?
  2. What is the state of computer games industry in Croatia?
  3. What are the possibilities of using computer games in education?
  4. What has been done in Croatia regarding the popularization of the usage of computer games in education?
  5. What are educational opportunities in the field of computer games development in Croatia?
  6. What are some active initiatives and projects in the field of computer games development and education in Croatia?
  7. What are the examples of good practice and how to develop an educational computer game?

During the workshop, a prize game will be organized for all participants (first prize: new smartphone).

The workshop "Computer Games in Education" will be held as a part of the "Computers in Education" conference. The workshop organizers are: Assist. Prof. Mario Konecki, Ph.D., Mladen Konecki, Ph.D. and Assoc. Prof. Davor Švaić, D.A. The date and time of the workshop will be announced at a later date.

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Thursday, July 30, 2020
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