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MIPRO 2020 - 43. međunarodni skup

SSRCI - Pametni, održivi i elastični gradovi i infrastruktura


Basic information:

Adrian Boukalov (Belgium), Dragan Čišić (Croatia)

Steering Committee:

Miimu Airaksinen (Finland), Darko Jardas (Croatia), Pekka Kess (Finland), Srećko Krile (Croatia), Paul Timmers (UK)

Program Committee:

Radoslav Delina (Slovakia), Bojan Hlača (Croatia), Goran Krajačić (Croatia), Thor Moen (Norway), Dario Ogrizović (Croatia), Mile Pavlić (Croatia), Andreja Pucihar (Slovenia), Vittorio Rosato (Italy)


The conference invites presentations of technologies, solutions, experiences and best practices in smart cities and large infrastructures development. It emphasizes Smart Cities multidisciplinary aspects and promotes system approaches in solving complex sustainability and resilience problems. The conference topics include but are not limited to IoT, 5G, cloud technologies, critical infrastructures, socio-technological systems, artificial intelligence, smart terrestrial and maritime infrastructures and transport systems, smart cities sustainability, smart green energy systems, smart buildings, environmental monitoring, local challenges and smart cities policies.

The conference provides platform for exchange of experiences and best practices supporting international scientific cooperation on these topics with Adriatic Sea and Balkan regions. It welcomes round table meetings proposals on scientific and business cooperation.

The scope of the conference includes, but is not limited to: 

  • Sustainable Smart Cities Solutions and Concepts
  • Smart Cities Resilience and Public Safety Solutions and Concepts
  • Smart Cities as Socio-technological Systems of System
  • Intelligent Transport Systems and Socio-technological Aspects
  • Big Data Analytics for Smart Cities Healthcare, Telecommunication, e-Business, etc.
  • Smart Cities and Cloud Infrastructure
  • 5G Systems and Smart Cities
  • Smart IoT Solutions
  • Smart Green Energy
  • Smart Maritime and Terrestrial Infrastructure
  • Artificial Intelligence and Smart Cities Control Systems
  • Smart Cities and Regions System Integration
  • Smart Building
  • Smart Environmental Systems
  • Smart Cities Social Network Analysis
  • Ethical Aspects
  • Smart Policies
  • Regional Dimensions of Smart Cities Development in Adriatic, Central European and Baltic Areas
  • Smart Cities Analytics for Temporal, Spatial, Spatio-Temporal and Mobile Data
  • Smart Cities Economics and Regional Development
  • Smart Cities Security and Social Cohesion

As an addition to the conference, presentations of smart cities solutions, projects, products and respective vendors are welcome.

Official language is English.

Important dates:

Abstract submission deadline: 1 June 2020
Full paper submission deadline:
1 June 2020
Final paper review deadline: 22 June 2020

Registration / Fees:
Price in EUR
Up to 14 September 2020
From 15 September 2020
Members of MIPRO, EAI and IEEE
Students (undergraduate and graduate), primary and secondary school teachers

The discount doesn't apply to PhD students.


Adrian Boukalov
EAI Smart Cities Cluster Leader
EAI Belgium
Begijnhoflaan 93a
B-9000 Gent, Belgium


Dragan Čišić
University of Rijeka
Faculty of Maritime Studies
Studentska ulica 2
HR-51000 Rijeka, Croatia

GSM: +385 98 219 600

Presented papers will be submitted for publication in Springer or EAI Core Series.



Opatija, with its 170-year-old tourism tradition, is the leading seaside resort of the Eastern Adriatic and one of the most famous tourist destinations on the Mediterranean. With its aristocratic architecture and style, Opatija has been attracting artists, kings, politicians, scientists, sportsmen, as well as business people, bankers and managers for more than 170 years.

The tourist offer in Opatija includes a vast number of hotels, excellent restaurants, entertainment venues, art festivals, superb modern and classical music concerts, beaches and swimming pools – this city satisfies all wishes and demands.

Opatija, the Queen of the Adriatic, is also one of the most prominent congress cities in the Mediterranean, particularly important for its ICT conventions, one of which is MIPRO, which has been held in Opatija since 1979, and has attracted more than a thousand participants from over forty countries. These conventions promote Opatija as one of the most desirable technological, business, educational and scientific centers in South-eastern Europe and the European Union in general.

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