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MIPRO - path to knowledge and innovation

MIPRO 2018 - 41st International Convention

DE-GLGPS - Digital Economy and Government/Local Government/Public Services

Basic information:

Mladen Mauher (Croatia), Edvard Tijan (Croatia)


Digital Economy

  • Innovative eBusiness Applications
  • New and Emerging eCommerce/eBusiness Strategies and Models
  • Competitive Innovation in Electronic Commerce
  • Intra Organisational Communications
  • Internet-based Electronic Commerce
  • Advances in eBusiness Ontologies
  • Mobile Commerce
  • eBusiness Software Agents
  • Electronic Payment Systems
  • Technological Progress in Electronic Commerce
  • Security or Privacy Issues for Electronic Commerce
  • Requirements Engineering Approaches for Electronic Commerce
  • eMethodologies for Web-based Systems
  • eGeomatics
  • eMedicine
  • eLogistics
  • eLearning

Government/Local Government/Public Services

  • Transition from Digital to Intelligent City (Constituent Centric City Services and Operations; LG Standards for Service Delivery; Collaboration in Service Delivery; Service Oriented Architecture in GLGPS)
  • Aligning ICT for GLGPS Web Services (ICT for GLGPS Web Services; Identity Management System and Technology for GLGPS Web Services; Security of Collaborative Systems for GLGPS)
  • GLGPS Solution Suites (Core LG Transaction System; Constituent Relationship Management, Property/Asset Management, Collaborative Document Management System, Collaborative GIS Systems and Technology, Interoperability of Portal Technologies, Intellectual Capacity Management)
  • Evidence Based Management in GLGPS (Balanced Scorecards, Collaborative Management Technologies, ICT for Sustainable City)
  • GLGPS and Knowledge Management (Ontology and Semantics of GLGPS)
As an addition to the conference, presentation of electronics products is welcome as well.

Official languages are English and Croatian.
Important dates:

Abstract submission deadline: Monday, January 22, 2018
Full paper submission deadline: Monday, February 19, 2018
Final paper review deadline: Monday, March 12, 2018

Registration / Fees:
Price in EUR
Before 7 May 2018
After 7 May 2018
Members of MIPRO and IEEE 180 200
Students (undergraduate and graduate), primary and secondary school teachers 100 110
Others 200 220

The discount doesn't apply to PhD students.


Mladen Mauher
Polytechnic of Zagreb
Vrbik 8
HR-10000 Zagreb, Croatia

GSM: +385 98 279 004

Edvard Tijan
University of Rijeka
Faculty of Maritime Studies
Studentska 2
HR-51000 Rijeka, Croatia

Phone: +385 51 338 411

The best papers will get a special award.
Accepted papers will be published in the ISBN registered conference proceedings. 
Papers in English will be submitted for posting to IEEE Xplore. The IEEE reserves the right to exclude a paper from distribution after the conference (including its removal from IEEE Explore) if the paper is not presented at the conference.
There is a possibility that the selected scientific papers with some further modification and refinement are being published in the Journal of Computing and Information Technology (CIT).

International Program Committee General Chair:

Karolj Skala (Croatia)

International Program Committee:

Enis Afgan (Croatia), Slavko Amon (Slovenia), Vesna Anđelić (Croatia), Michael E. Auer (Austria), Snježana Babić (Croatia), Almir Badnjevic (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Mirta Baranović (Croatia), Bartosz Bebel (Poland), Ladjel Bellatreche (France), Petar Biljanović (Croatia), Eugen Brenner (Austria), Gianpiero Brunetti (Italy), Andrea Budin (Croatia), Željko Butković (Croatia), Željka Car (Croatia), Matjaž Colnarič (Slovenia), Alfredo Cuzzocrea (Italy), Marina Čičin-Šain (Croatia), Marko Čupić (Croatia), Marko Delimar (Croatia), Todd Eavis (Canada), Maurizio Ferrari (Italy), Bekim Fetaji (Macedonia), Renato Filjar (Croatia), Tihana Galinac Grbac (Croatia), Paolo Garza (Italy), Liljana Gavrilovska (Macedonia), Matteo Golfarelli (Italy), Stjepan Golubić (Croatia), Francesco Gregoretti (Italy), Stjepan Groš (Croatia), Niko Guid (Slovenia), Jaak Henno (Estonia), Ladislav Hluchy (Slovakia), Vlasta Hudek (Croatia), Željko Hutinski (Croatia), Mile Ivanda (Croatia), Hannu Jaakkola (Finland), Leonardo Jelenković (Croatia), Rene Jerončić (Croatia), Dragan Jevtić (Croatia), Robert Jones (Switzerland), Peter Kacsuk (Hungary), Aneta Karaivanova (Bulgaria), Marko Koričić (Croatia), Tomislav Kosanović (Croatia), Mladen Mauher (Croatia), Igor Mekjavic (Slovenia), Branko Mikac (Croatia), Veljko Milutinović (Serbia), Nikola Mišković (Croatia), Vladimir Mrvoš (Croatia), Jadranko F. Novak (Croatia), Predrag Pale (Croatia), Jesus Pardillo (Spain), Nikola Pavešić (Slovenia), Branimir Pejčinović (United States), Juraj Petrović (Croatia), Slobodan Ribarić (Croatia), Janez Rozman (Slovenia), Ivanka Sluganović (Croatia), Mario Spremić (Croatia), Vlado Sruk (Croatia), Stefano Stafisso (Italy), Uroš Stanič (Slovenia), Ninoslav Stojadinović (Serbia), Jadranka Šunde (Australia), Aleksandar Szabo (Croatia), Laszlo Szirmay-Kalos (Hungary), Dina Šimunić (Croatia), Zoran Šimunić (Croatia), Dejan Škvorc (Croatia), Antonio Teixeira (Portugal), Edvard Tijan (Croatia), A. Min Tjoa (Austria), Roman Trobec (Slovenia), Sergio Uran (Croatia), Tibor Vámos (Hungary), Mladen Varga (Croatia), Marijana Vidas-Bubanja (Serbia), Mihaela Vranić (Croatia), Boris Vrdoljak (Croatia), Damjan Zazula (Slovenia)


Opatija, with its 170 years long tourist tradition, is the leading seaside resort of the Eastern Adriatic and one of the most famous tourist destinations on the Mediterranean. With its aristocratic architecture and style Opatija has been attracting renowned artists, politicians, kings, scientists, sportsmen as well as business people, bankers, managers for more than 170 years.

The tourist offering of Opatija includes a vast number of hotels, excellent restaurants, entertainment venues, art festivals, superb modern and classical music concerts, beaches and swimming pools and is able to provide the perfect response to all demands.

Opatija, the Queen of the Adriatic, is also one of the most prominent congress cities on the Mediterranean, particularly important for its international ICT conventions MIPRO that have been held in Opatija since 1979 gathering more than a thousand participants from more than forty countries. These conventions promote Opatija as the most desirable technological, business, educational and scientific center in Southeast Europe and the European Union in general.

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News about event
  • 2/12/2018

    Invited lecture: 

    Goran Vojković, PhD

    Will GDPR slow down Smart Cities development?


    After four (4) years of preparation and debate the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was approved by the EU Parliament on 14 April 2016. Enforcement date is 25 May 2018. The EU General Data Protection Regulation replaces the Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC and was designed to harmonize data privacy laws across Europe, but also to protect and empower all EU citizens data privacy and to reshape the way organizations across the region approach data privacy. This Regulation is a legal act which is mandatory and fully valid for all EU Member States. Thereby, Member States may additionally regulate certain areas of personal data protection. Apart from being more appropriate for today's era of fast speed Internet and Internet of things (IOT), the new Regulation is essentially more extensive, more accurate, and involves the questions of personal data risk. Considering the fact that personal data is being processed in the E-business and E-government, and in addition to introduction of some smart-city functions, it's possible to indirectly collect personal data. The GDPR is extremely important and it's one of the key legal documents for the further development of the digital economy and administration. As this year's MIPRO almost coincides with the date of full implementation of the Regulation, it was an additional incentive to decide on a subject of invited lecture on GDPR.

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