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    Friday, 29 November 2019
    Friday, 13 December 2019
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    Monday, 27 January 2020
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    Monday, 16 March 2020





How to Early Develop Critical and Computer Thinking?

Invited lecturer Paolo Zenzerović at the conference Engineering Education /EE

Paolo Zenzerović from the Institute for Youth Development and Innovativity  (IRIM) will hold an invited  lecture entitled "How to Develop Critical and Computational Thinking Early?" within the 42nd International ICT Convention MIPRO 2019 and the conference on Engineering Education /EE.

The world is changing so fast that it is clear that education has to change too - both the educational system and the way we educate. Those who enter this process are also changing: primary and high school and college students.

The Institute for Youth Development and Innovativity (IRIM) has been active in creating and implementing educational projects for the last 3 years. IRIM is currently the holder of the largest European portfolio of extracurricular STEM activities implemented in more than 1200 institutions across Croatia, reaching up to 150,000 children and 3,000 teachers and mentors.

The key to the success of IRIM's programs are teachers themselves - agents of change and the implementers of IRIM’s programs. Through the lecture, we will touch upon the theme - what is most important to change in children’s life and how do we do it, what are the main obstacles and what are the roles of different stakeholders in education?

Paolo Zenzerović – an education technology enthusiast eith a master in Electrical Engineering, is a Head of operations at the Institute for Youth Development and Innovativity. Since the beginning of the Institute, he participated in the work and creation of concepts of all the projects implemented by IRIM. Zenzerović conducts a significant part of education in IRIM. Through IRIM’s projects he has conducted professional training for more than 600 mentors through more than 100 educational workshops and has produced and published more than 50 multimedia educational materials that hundreds of mentors use daily as a tool to stimulate critical and computational thinking of children and young people.

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Friday, May 10, 2019


  • 5/9/2019

    Croatian Minister of Science and Education, Blaženka Divjak Ph.D. at the MIPRO 2019 convention


    Blaženka Divjak, Croatian Minister of Science and Education, will hold a plenary keynote lecture on "Strategic Planning in Higher Education and Science" on Thursday, 23 May, as part of the presentation of project results of the Croatian Science Foundation “HigherDecision”. [more]


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